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Professional Packers Guide to Packing a Kitchen

Of all the rooms in your home, the most difficult to pack is most certainly the kitchen. Most people planning a relocation don’t like bothering with moving at all, prompting them to simply hire professional packing services – such as those at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Still, for those who are taking on a DIY move, or at least the packing aspect of it, our talented team of packing professionals have created this guide to packing a kitchen.

Prepare to Eat

Hopefully you’ve developed quite an appetite, because packing a kitchen for a move means that you’ll have to dispose of all your perishable items. Anything in the refrigerator that can expire should be cooked and eaten prior to the move.

Sort and Simplify

Whether it’s your kitchen or any other room in the house, sort through everything you own and determine what you really want/need and what you can do without. When it comes to the kitchen, there’s typically at least one appliance collecting dust that should be sold or donated.

Pack Liquor, Wine and Other Bottles

Most of the kitchen’s contents are fragile. Pack your wine and liquor bottles separately from dishes and canned good. The same applies to bottles of vinegar, oil, jelly, etc.

Pack Dishes

Take a page out of the book from your professional packing services in Phoenix and wrap your dishes in bubble wrap and reinforce your boxes with packing peanuts. In a DIY move, dishes are typically a casualty of the transportation process.

These basic tips should allow you to get through packing the kitchen with relative ease. It’s always best to hire professional packing services, but with the right planning and organization, packing the kitchen doesn’t have to be so complex.


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