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Where to Retire in Arizona?

Prescott, Arizona, located 100 miles north of Phoenix, was recently ranked number four in CNNMoney’s “25 best places to retire.” This famed city is most notable for encompassing the world’s oldest rodeo along with 800 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. However, this isn’t the sole reason why Prescott, Arizona has become one of the most popular retiree destinations. The weather is hard to out-do: Ample sunny days and four distinct seasons. Also, with the market down 35% since 2007, Prescott has become a more economical retirement haven. If you are a historical guru or a sucker for warm weather, your Phoenix professional movers recommend Prescott, Arizona for your retirement destination.

Drive Carefully! Extreme Winter Weather Expected for Northern Arizona

Your professional movers would like to encourage all drivers traveling to northern Arizona to be especially cautious on the road as extreme winter weather conditions are expected to hit the streets in the form of 12 to 24 inches of snow! Fortunately, for vacationers and professional relocation service providers in Arizona alike, the department of transportation has nearly two hundred snow plow teams sweeping the streets and highways to maintain safety for those who will be behind the wheel in the less-than-favorable winter weather. Snow and ice may cause many roads to close temporarily, so your Phoenix professional mover recommends leaving early providing plenty of time to arrive should your preferred route become closed off due to risky road conditions.

Phoenix Movers Have Good News for Homes Affected by 2010 Hail Storm

For many Phoenix home owners, the damage from last year’s hail storm is still a looming concern. If your roof was damaged from hail in 2010, you may have been discouraged from pursuing an insurance claim due to the seemingly-standard restriction insurance companies have on ‘untimely’ reports. Brian McSteen, owner of Phoenix-area All Roofs, Incorporated, strongly urges all who have an hail-related roof damage to speak of to follow up with their insurance company as the statute of limitation for hail damage is not necessarily restricted to a year like you may have been led to believe. Your Phoenix mover knows you’ll appreciate being relieved of your roof-repair responsibilities, so if this applies to you don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company today and determine your options!

Move to Glendale

Phoenix area movers relocate many families to Glendale on a regular basis. With a population of nearly 300 thousand, it is clear that Glendale Arizona is a hot spot for families on the move; no pun intended! So why is Glendale so popular? For one, there is a thick concentration of entertainment in Glendale. Home to the Arizona Cardinals and the National Hockey League’s Coyotes, Glendale has much to offer to resident sports fanatics. The venues primarily utilized for Cardinal and Coyote home games also cater to music fans. Many huge acts put on concerts in Glendale, such as Paul McCartney; and there is much more that Glendale Arizona has to offer!

Spice Up Your Moving Day

What is cake without the icing? What is life without the spice to make it interesting? It is often the little extras that make the biggest difference, and your upcoming move is no exception to the rule! Even if you are enlisting the professional help of an Arizona moving company in Phoenix, you will probably still put a little of your own elbow grease into your move; this is great as you stand to save money by handling tasks such as packing or dismantling furniture. Don’t dread the chores you have on your to do list! What you need is to spice up your moving experience. Moving is not exactly a walk in the park, and when coupled with the scorching Arizona summer temperatures it can be an exhausting task to tackle. One of the best “spices” that you can provide for yourself and for anybody who is kind enough to lend a helping hand is a fully-stocked cooler. Cold water, sports drinks, and snacks should keep your crew hydrated and energized! A reliable coffee maker may also be necessary for any caffeine fiends helping out. A fully-loaded ipod can really boost the spirits of everybody helping out with your packing and such; you would be surprised to see how much a soundtrack can do for you while moving. Whatever extras you throw in the mix to spice up your moving day just enjoy the day as much as possible.

Pro Phoenix Movers: The Perfect Follow-up to Marriage Proposal Great or Not

The aptly titled YouTube video, “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!” is putting some real pressure on about-to-pop-the-question boyfriends everywhere. Matt (the point-scoring boyfriend) really pushed the marriage proposal envelope with this one, and is starting off on the right foot –assuming there are more brilliant gems where this idea came from! If you too have recently popped the question to the lady in your life, and your proposal wasn’t quite as ingeniously romantic as Matt’s, perhaps you can make up for your not-so-thoughtful proposal by hiring reputable Phoenix movers to help transition you two to your new home with care! After watching the video below, you might also want to schedule a surprise massage for your future wife to enjoy on your moving day as well!

Are You Moving into an Energy Efficient Home?

Energy efficiency is important, and is much easier to achieve than you may think! Whether you have recently moved, or are just tired of paying sky-high utility bills in your home, there are plenty of steps you can take to prepare for a much more affordable summer! Every house is different, but there are several common areas you can easily examine in your house to ensure that you aren’t spending more money that you should be on energy bills. Before you move in, and before the summer is in full swing, make a weekend project out of boosting the energy efficiency of your place so that you can save money this summer!

Sell Your House to Move in Phoenix

Selling a home to move in Phoenix can be a learning experience for most people. However; when you wish to sell your home, the learning aspect of the experience is probably a secondary motive unless you have high hopes of embarking on a career in real estate. A good understanding of basic house-selling principles is a good tool for you if you don’t plan to live at your next place forever, and you can really benefit from any education along the way with an already solid foundation of knowledge; nobody wants to acquire expertise by learning something the hard way, especially when it comes to selling your house!

Phoenix Mover Warning: Be Careful With Charitable Donations

As with any tragic and catastrophic even such as the earthquake/tsunami which recently took its toll on Japan, Arizona residents who care are surely eager to lend a helping hand in anyway they can to the people in Japan who need it right now. However; there are people in the world who heartlessly take advantage of these types of situations, and your Phoenix area mover here wants to extend a word of advice for anybody wanting to help provide aid to the people in Japan.

A charitable donation does the victims in Japan no good if you are fooled into “donating” to a scam artist, of which there are many in this world. To be sure that your donations are truly going toward helping disaster victims in Japan, your mover in Phoenix suggests limiting your donations to reputable charity establishments only. Furthermore; don’t ignore your suspicions if you are asked for a credit card number or checking information over the phone, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. You are more than welcome to cross-reference charitable establishments with the Secretary of the State’s Officer in Arizona if you have a bad feeling about any particular individuals you think may be trying to scam you.

Why Go Pro?

Moving to your new home can be a costly event. No matter what, your move will come with expenses. You’re sure to debate in your head whether you’ll hire professional Phoenix area movers or go another, non professional route. So why go pro when you’re moving? There are plenty of reasons. For one, you don’t move every day, you probably don’t even move every year; professional Phoenix area movers move multiple times a day. On top of that, Phoenix professional movers with a good reputation know how to move anything and everything without having an accident; this is how professional movers obtain and maintain license and insurance. The one factor that may cause hesitation to hire professional movers is cost. You may mistakenly think that professional relocation services will cost an arm and a leg. In reality, your local Phoenix professional movers will actually save you money on your move. You can count on professional moving companies to send you talented full time professional movers who move every day. Professional movers get the job done safely and quickly. You save money because your move is finished in the quickest time possible, and because your Phoenix movers don’t damage your property, requiring you to repair or replace it.

Hiring a professional moving company is one route, and on the other hand you have non professional options for transporting your property to your new home. You may consider moving yourself in a rented truck, or moving with a nonprofessional moving company. On the surface, a DIY move or a move with a “cheaper” moving company may seem like less expensive options. In the long run though, these two moving options are both risky because each will surely require more time than would a professional moving service provider. You also place your property in jeopardy when in the hands of nonprofessionals who are neither licensed nor insured.

You have a lot to consider when it comes to moving services in Phoenix. Professional movers should be your only option for a safe affordable moving experience. Your reputable movers here in Phoenix have what it takes to move you safely and save you money!