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Prince Harry is Moving to Arizona This Week

Your Phoenix professional movers are about to be but a mere hour-and-a-half drive away from Prince Harry himself at the end of the week. That’s right, Prince Harry is moving to Arizona where he will put the year’s-worth of helicopter pilot training to good use. Exercise Crimson Eagle is the name of the training course his royalty will be enrolling in here in Arizona where he will sharpen his in-air machine-gunnery and missile launching. Sounds like a fun reason to move to Arizona!

Phoenix Mover Enjoys Sushi and Tron

Local and long distance moving is a very time-demanding line of work! But every once in a while your Phoenix professional mover does get a chance to get out and enjoy a night of work-free enjoyment! Last night was a fun night that I got to spend out and about with the family. After a delicious dinner of sushi (topped off with a now-favorite cinnamon tempura ice cream!), we saw a 3-D showing of the new movie, TRON. What a fun film! I decided against wearing my TRON costume out to the theater so as not to embarrass my family (a decision I thoroughly regretted.) However; we were lucky enough to be the only viewers in the empty theater, Monday is apparently not the most popular movie night for Phoenix residents. I had the pleasure of being the guilt-free commentator, and my highly excitable kids were free to react to the visually-striking three dimensional film with no volume restrictions on their outbursts.

A night at the movies is never complete without the standard reenactments that we all are guilty of acting out on our way home… Luckily my wife asserted herself as a deterrent to my would-be reckless driving, as I was about to race my imaginary TRON-cycle home! (I have a suspicion that the movie has been a catalyst to many new-year speeding tickets!) It was a blast of an evening for my family and me, and thanks to my wife, a traffic citation didn’t spoil the night-out. So you see; your Phoenix movers do get a chance to have fun from time to time. I can’t wait for our next family night, but for now it is back to the grindstone for this Phoenix relocation specialist! I Hope everybody has a great week!

Why Go Pro?

Moving to your new home can be a costly event. No matter what, your move will come with expenses. You’re sure to debate in your head whether you’ll hire professional Phoenix area movers or go another, non professional route. So why go pro when you’re moving? There are plenty of reasons. For one, you don’t move every day, you probably don’t even move every year; professional Phoenix area movers move multiple times a day. On top of that, Phoenix professional movers with a good reputation know how to move anything and everything without having an accident; this is how professional movers obtain and maintain license and insurance. The one factor that may cause hesitation to hire professional movers is cost. You may mistakenly think that professional relocation services will cost an arm and a leg. In reality, your local Phoenix professional movers will actually save you money on your move. You can count on professional moving companies to send you talented full time professional movers who move every day. Professional movers get the job done safely and quickly. You save money because your move is finished in the quickest time possible, and because your Phoenix movers don’t damage your property, requiring you to repair or replace it.

Hiring a professional moving company is one route, and on the other hand you have non professional options for transporting your property to your new home. You may consider moving yourself in a rented truck, or moving with a nonprofessional moving company. On the surface, a DIY move or a move with a “cheaper” moving company may seem like less expensive options. In the long run though, these two moving options are both risky because each will surely require more time than would a professional moving service provider. You also place your property in jeopardy when in the hands of nonprofessionals who are neither licensed nor insured.

You have a lot to consider when it comes to moving services in Phoenix. Professional movers should be your only option for a safe affordable moving experience. Your reputable movers here in Phoenix have what it takes to move you safely and save you money!

For Sale

Whether you are planning a local move in Phoenix, or just need to raise some extra cash for holiday shopping, ‘tis the season for strategic budgeting. One effective way to raise extra money is to sell items online. You may even end up saving money if you sell a good amount of furniture, the less there is for your local Phoenix moving company to move, the less your labor expenses will be. Here are some basic tips for selling your unwanted treasures on the Internet.

  • People are visual when they shop. A strong description of your items is great, but a sharp picture is far more important. I suggest using a high-quality camera to shoot your photos. Select several attractive angles and use a plain contrasting-colored bed sheet or poster board for a background.
  • Peer-to-peer shopping sights make it easy to sell your property while protecting your identity, so don’t give out any unnecessary personal information such as your address or phone number.
  • Be sure to check your inbox for potential buyers’ inquiries frequently. Also, keep your ads fresh. If it has been a few days with no contact from any potential buyers, rework and re-post your ad. Effective use of keywords will help buyers find your goods easier so list multiple descriptions to increase traffic on your ads.
  • Researching similar items to the ones you intend to sell is also helpful. You can get ideas as to how to describe your items, as well as how to best price them.

The sooner you put your goods up for sale, the better. The holiday season is an ideal time to save money (especially if you plan to move in Phoenix!)… It is also an ideal time to do some holiday shopping, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly your treasures will go. Good luck, and be sure to save money by hiring a reputable Phoenix mover too!

Post a review of your recent move in Phoenix.

Referrals come by word of mouth and through comments made online by others who have experienced a particular good or service. Moving reviews are a great source for families or individuals looking for a Phoenix mover. Most moving companies tout their success only, leaving consumers potentially vulnerable to below standard practices. Relocation experts will typically have a few negative reviews, but for the most part have rave reviews from their clients and a good BBB rating.

The focal point for most moving in Phoenix is to get through their move. And of course that’s understandable, but taking time to pin a comment about your recent moving experience should be seen as a means of helping. Share your moving experience and keep the standard for quality moving and storage services high.

Fall Season of Moving

All summer Phoenix moving companies have been busy relocating singles and families locally, long distance and even internationally. The fall season of moving is quickly approaching. The fall and winter season is a slower time for most Phoenix movers. It’s usually a cheaper time to conduct a relocation of any kind. So if you’ve recently relocated and you’re ready to ship your automobile or other storage items to your new home, its a good time to schedule that move. Call around and obtain a few moving quotes from reputable Phoenix movers. Select the mover that provides the best quote, quality service and care.

What’s in a name? Look for Phoenix movers you can count on.


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. What can be said about a good name? To me it’s everything. It’s hard to recover from repeated mistakes and failures. The world begins to think it wasn’t a mistake, and wonder if that’s who you really are. 

When consumers seek out an organization to provide a particular good or service, it’s usually because of something they heard. Or it’s simply because they believe it’s a name they can trust. When an individual selects a Phoenix moving company it’s the same way. They’ve normally done their research and believe this particular mover is reliable. However, if there’s no research done into the moving company’s experience, recent moves or industry affiliations, it’s often set-up for a bad relocation experience. I recommend hiring a Phoenix mover whose name is synonymous with trust, quality service and excellent skill. Everything is in their name…do your research and find Phoenix movers you can count on.