Phoenix Mover Enjoys Sushi and Tron

Local and long distance moving is a very time-demanding line of work! But every once in a while your Phoenix professional mover does get a chance to get out and enjoy a night of work-free enjoyment! Last night was a fun night that I got to spend out and about with the family. After a delicious dinner of sushi (topped off with a now-favorite cinnamon tempura ice cream!), we saw a 3-D showing of the new movie, TRON. What a fun film! I decided against wearing my TRON costume out to the theater so as not to embarrass my family (a decision I thoroughly regretted.) However; we were lucky enough to be the only viewers in the empty theater, Monday is apparently not the most popular movie night for Phoenix residents. I had the pleasure of being the guilt-free commentator, and my highly excitable kids were free to react to the visually-striking three dimensional film with no volume restrictions on their outbursts.

A night at the movies is never complete without the standard reenactments that we all are guilty of acting out on our way home… Luckily my wife asserted herself as a deterrent to my would-be reckless driving, as I was about to race my imaginary TRON-cycle home! (I have a suspicion that the movie has been a catalyst to many new-year speeding tickets!) It was a blast of an evening for my family and me, and thanks to my wife, a traffic citation didn’t spoil the night-out. So you see; your Phoenix movers do get a chance to have fun from time to time. I can’t wait for our next family night, but for now it is back to the grindstone for this Phoenix relocation specialist! I Hope everybody has a great week!