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Moving day is right around the corner. Unfortunately, the weatherman is calling for rain in the forecast on your big day. Now you must weatherproof packing products to be ready for moving in the rain. All My Sons Phoenix moving company is here to help.

Grab a large supply of plastic bags in multiple sizes. These are ultra-helpful for rainy days, from makeshift ponchos to keep you dry as well as a poncho to keep your hanging clothes dry. Also, with smaller bags you can throw the items you are packing in them, tie them off, and place those filled bags in the boxes ready for any rainy-day move.

For larger items like furniture, wood shelves and that mattress you love so much, we recommend shrink wrapping so you’re prepared for any torrential downpours. Investing in furniture covers as one of your weatherproof packing products is worth it to preserve that expensive furniture during a rainy-day move. Most of your cloth furnishings will have a tailored plastic covering that can preserve them and keep them from getting damaged. As for moving boxes: double up on packing tape. As good as it is, the extra tape will water proof the openings and help weatherproof packing products. Don’t be afraid to tape the edges of all your boxes as well. A little extra sturdiness to the boxes will only help if they get wet.

Other items you must go the extra mile to protect are your electronics. Individually wrap electronics in plastic and secure with packing tape. Once secure, place electronics in a proper waterproofed container and securely close with packing tape. Depending on the significance of the weather, it is recommended to waterproof the box your electronics will be placed in even though you individually wrapped your electronical pieces.

Labeling is a key factor for the avoidance of inclement weather damage. Largely and clearly label the pieces of furniture which cannot get wet. Make large labels that can clearly be read by your Phoenix moving company for “UNLOAD FIRST” or “CANNOT GET WET.” These are just some examples that can come in handy during the chaos that happens when everyone is running around and rushing to stay dry.

Upon arrival at the new house, make use of your garage if you have one. Transport as much furniture and boxes from the truck to the garage in the shortest distance as possible. The large garage door opening is perfect for quick movements as you carry boxes through the rain, without the worry of fitting through a smaller door opening.

For some added cover, if you have access to tents, tarps, or anything that can be used as high head cover, do yourself a favor and set it up. This will give you some relief from walking through puddles and bringing some of that rain water in the house. Also, moving on a dry surface reduces the chances of falling.

If you must move through the rain and have no head cover at all, map out what you transfer from the truck to the house. Look for things that can get wet like plastic tubes or objects that won’t be a problem moving in the rain. Then when there is a break in the action or the droplets slow down, take full advantage of those items that cannot get wet.

As the drops keep coming and the boxes steadily unload, assign someone as the dryer. Have them stand inside with some towels and wipe off your belongings that can’t stay wet for an extended period. You could also have rotations of this position so every gets a break and takes a fair share of the heavy lifting.

Pro Tip: Remove items upon arrival. Too often, many people arrive at their new house and their first thought is to run inside without grabbing anything off the truck. It’s raining, make the most of your trips from the truck to the house.

If bad weather is expected for the day of your move, one solution is to hire professional packers if you simply don’t have the time or products to properly weatherproof packing products yourself. Your Phoenix moving company has the packing products necessary to handle any type of move, including moves in inclement weather. Additionally, hiring professionals to properly pack everything won’t cost much more than buying all the packing products to ensure the safety of your belongings.

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Are you moving to Phoenix, AZ? It is important to have the right skills and techniques to make your move as cheap and efficient as possible. Knowing how to pack a moving truck is an art form, and while you may think that you are saving money by not hiring movers and renting your own moving truck, you could be very wrong. Our full-service movers in Phoenix have mastered the art of moving and packing a moving truck, and never recommend that you move your most fragile possessions without professional help. To make sure that your items won’t get damaged when moving to Phoenix, AZ, you’ll have to know how to properly pack a moving truck and make sure that the full-service movers you hire are doing it properly.

  1. Proper Packing Supplies

There are certain items your full-service mover will need to properly pack a moving truck. They include moving straps, trap or plastic sheeting, moving blankets, packing tape, a rope or bungee cords for tie-down, work gloves, a small ladder and pillow items. Make sure to prepare these supplies beforehand if you are moving on your own.

  1. Have a System

According to the local full-service movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, to properly pack a moving truck, you should have a system. This doesn’t only mean to have an obstacle-free route from the door to the truck, but also that your items should be in the proper packing order waiting at the doorstep before the truck arrives. Make sure you label your items for quick unloading into your new home.

  1. Load from Largest to Smallest

To properly distribute the weight throughout the truck, make sure your movers pack your belongings from the largest to the smallest items, making sure that everything fits nicely against the walls of the truck.

When you are moving to Phoenix, AZ make sure you know how to pack a moving truck. And remember, All My Sons Phoenix Movers & Storage is here to help however we can! Give us a call today to learn more about our customizable moving and packing services.




You’ve made it through another year of school- congrats! You’ve used your expert procrastination skills and waited until the very last minute to start packing up your dorm room for the summer break. Uh oh- how did you fit all this stuff in here? Well don’t worry- our movers in Phoenix, AZ have some tips to help you pack your dorm room up in one day.

Don’t try to fit everything into the one suitcase you have because it will not fit. Use what you have in your dorm room creatively. Don’t spend unnecessary money on packing products when you have what you need already. Laundry bags, trash bags, storage bins, etc. can all be used to pack up your belongings.

First things first- clean your dorm room. Give away things you don’t want or need, give all the clothes you borrowed from your roommate or neighbor back and throw away your trash. This will clear a lot of the clutter from your room and help you focus on what needs packing up.

Organize your belongings. Roll, don’t fold, your clean clothes and put them in your suitcase. Do not take your clothing off the hanger. Wrap a trash bag or some similar packing products around about 6 hangers of clothes for easy moving from your dorm to your summer closet. Use your laundry bag or hamper for your dirty clothes and sheets/comforter – you can bring them home and have Mom do your laundry as a welcome home present! Shoes can go in trash bags or bins you used for organizing space.

Use your shower caddy to pack your toiletries and re-organize all your storage containers to fit as many items as possible. Then tape closed the drawers so you can move them as is- no further packing required.

If you have a lot of bags (backpacks, purses, gym bag, etc.) use that space to pack decorations, electronics and any other miscellaneous items in your room.

Make a quick trip to the campus bookstore and sell back the books you do not need anymore. No need to pack those heavy bulky books.

Finally, make sure anything that is freestanding like lamps, glasses, plates, etc. are wrapped in the right packing products, like bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper. Do one last sweep around the room to make sure you have everything, vacuum the floor to make your RA happy and say goodbye!



If your business is moving to Phoenix AZ, you will need to plan for the most successful move without effecting work productivity. There are several components to a commercial move such as properly packing office equipment and electronics, to effectively transferring office furniture. If you hire a professional packing service such as All My Sons Moving & Storage, your office move will become a lot easier. Here are four main reasons to hire business packing services for your company’s relocation.

Efficiency with Professionals

A professional moving company has lots of experience and knowledge when it comes to successful office moves. At All My Sons, we have over 20 years of moving experience and we know what it takes to pack and move all office belongings without disrupting the work flow from employees. It’s crucial that a commercial move is performed with efficiency and urgency.

Proper Packing Supplies and Equipment

Office moves require special equipment and supplies that a residential move would not necessarily need. Larger furniture items and multiple electronics need to be properly transferred and a professional packing company has the proper resources to pack and move these items. It would be very difficult to perform a move of this size on your own.

Highly Trained Professionals

Most moving companies offer certified movers to businesses looking for packing services. They are trained in how to pack your items, what to move first, and where to place these items on a moving truck.

Employees will Receive Support

There is no surprise that moving can be overwhelming, but with the help from a moving company, all employees and management will not have to worry about a thing during this process. Employees will be pleased to know that this move is being handled with professional business packing services.


There are many factors that go into a move, and you have the choice to move by yourself or to hire a professional moving company that will handle the entire process from start to finish. Making this choice can seem overwhelming, however you should choose the option that fits your needs, budgets, and timeline the best. Our Phoenix professional packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage give you the pros and cons to each option in hopes of making your decision a lot easier.


By moving yourself, you are ensuring total control throughout the whole process and you have the power of deciding exactly how you want your items packaged and transported. If you are on a tight moving budget, this might be the best route for you in that you will save some money. The expenses from a moving company can quickly add up beyond your expectations. The cons to this option include the actual transportation of your heavy items as well as the in-depth planning that is required. You will need to dedicate a lot of time aside which can affect your work or personal schedule. Many people will agree that this option creates a lot of stress, however it may be the best fit for you.

Professional Packers

A lot of people wish to hire a Phoenix moving company so that they won’t have to lift a finger during the process. This is a huge benefit for this option and you can leave all the hard work and heavy lifting to the professionals. Moving companies will also provide an efficient move since they have the proper knowledge and experience under their belts. Of course, the cost of hiring professional packing services should be considered, but the amount of money, time, and stress saved is well worth every dollar.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has a team of professional moving coordinators that can design a moving plan that works for your budget. Call us today.



If you are getting ready for a big move, you may be wondering exactly how to pack and transfer your larger items such as furniture and bulky electronics. Whether you are moving to Phoenix from far away or from a short distance, it’s crucial to know how to properly pack and move your large television. You want to ensure safety and protection for your expensive purchase and it’s imperative to have the proper packing supplies ready to go. All My Sons Moving & Storage provides you with the best guide for how to pack and transport your large TV.

Packing your Television

You will first need to prepare your TV for the move by unplugging and removing all cords from the tv and the wall. Roll up all cords and wires and place them in a bag with the remote. You do not want to misplace these important items during the moving process. Use foam pieces to protect the TV and prevent it from shifting while in the box. You can secure the foam with packing paper and you should wrap the entire TV with this material to prevent scratches. These packing supplies will ensure protection during transportation. You should then carefully place the TV in the proper moving box. We suggest that you save the original box the TV came in for the best fit, however if you got rid of it, you can always purchase the proper sized box.

Moving your Television

We recommend that you have help to move your large tv to the loading truck since they can be very heavy and difficult to transfer on your own. If you have a far distance from your front door to the moving truck, you may want to consider using a dolly for extra help. Place the TV in a strategic spot on the truck where it won’t easily move around.

Once you have successfully moved your TV on the truck, you will have completed the hard part! Now it’s time to unload it.


If your upcoming move is approaching you should start to prepare your packing checklist to become organized and ready for a successful move. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests that you properly prepare before moving day by purchasing the necessary packing supplies for your items. If you decide to hire a moving company, packing services usually provide customers with durable packing products for an efficient move. We have provided you with the top five packing supplies that will make your move a breeze!

Packing Paper

Search for white packing paper that has no print for your glasses, plates, and other delicate items. Newspaper will tend to transfer ink on to your items, so we suggest you stick to plain packing paper. This packing supply will ensure that all your valuables are securely packing and ready for transportation.

Bubble Wrap

This popular and durable packing supply will be sure to keep your extra fragile items safe from any damages during your next move. You can wrap any breakable in bubble wrap before placing it in a moving box.

Packing Labels

Labels are extremely important for organization during a move and they will save you from multiple headaches when it comes time to unpacking in your new home. We suggest you place labels on all boxes and containers.

Specialty Boxes

You will need boxes of all shapes and sizes when you move and you should consider specialty boxes for certain items. Artwork/mirrored boxes will secure these fragile items and wardrobe boxes work great for the transportation of your clothes.

Moving Plastic Wrap

The proper plastic wrap will ensure that your larger furniture items are protected from exterior conditions such as dirt, water, and dust. Wrap the plastic tightly around your items for security.

When it comes to moving, professional packing services from All My Sons Moving & Storage guarantee the best and most quality packing supplies on the market. Although our professional movers use common packing supplies that can be found at hardware stores, there are alternatives. For DIY movers who want to save cash on their next move, this list of alternative options to common packing supplies may help.

Use Old Clothing in Place of Packing Peanuts and Bubble Wrap

While not the most orthodox method of protecting valuable, wrapping glassware, dishes and other valuables in t-shirts are an option to keep them safe from damage during a move. The thicker the material the better, especially when packing items that can be crushed easily.

Suitcases in Place of Boxes

Planning a light, short-term move? You may not need to purchase as many card-board moving boxes as you might think. Large and sturdy suitcases can be an option for packing clothing, appliances or other items. Be careful to not overload your suitcase with too many heavy objects, else you may accidentally break it when attempting to move it.

Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Sandwich bags can be great for keeping small items in place. This may be an ideal way to pack screws, jewelry, buttons and so forth. Throwing on a layer of tape on the seal can provided added protection and keep its contents from spilling out.

Dresser Drawers

Most of your clothing, knick knacks and toiletries are already packed in your dresser, kitchen and bathroom drawers. While not the most ideal way to transport your belongings, wrapping them in plastic wrap is an option for getting them moved without having to unpack everything.

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Of all the rooms in your home, the most difficult to pack is most certainly the kitchen. Most people planning a relocation don’t like bothering with moving at all, prompting them to simply hire professional packing services – such as those at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Still, for those who are taking on a DIY move, or at least the packing aspect of it, our talented team of packing professionals have created this guide to packing a kitchen.

Prepare to Eat

Hopefully you’ve developed quite an appetite, because packing a kitchen for a move means that you’ll have to dispose of all your perishable items. Anything in the refrigerator that can expire should be cooked and eaten prior to the move.

Sort and Simplify

Whether it’s your kitchen or any other room in the house, sort through everything you own and determine what you really want/need and what you can do without. When it comes to the kitchen, there’s typically at least one appliance collecting dust that should be sold or donated.

Pack Liquor, Wine and Other Bottles

Most of the kitchen’s contents are fragile. Pack your wine and liquor bottles separately from dishes and canned good. The same applies to bottles of vinegar, oil, jelly, etc.

Pack Dishes

Take a page out of the book from your professional packing services in Phoenix and wrap your dishes in bubble wrap and reinforce your boxes with packing peanuts. In a DIY move, dishes are typically a casualty of the transportation process.

These basic tips should allow you to get through packing the kitchen with relative ease. It’s always best to hire professional packing services, but with the right planning and organization, packing the kitchen doesn’t have to be so complex.


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Anytime you plan to move to Phoenix or any other city, it’s a good idea to hire professional movers and packers. Professional moving services are best way to guaranteed the safest and most secure transport of your belongings to your new home. Although you may be perfectly capable of moving on your own, there’s a sense of relief that comes from not having to worry about the most stressful aspects of relocating. This is where the professionals come in. Allowing experienced movers like the ones at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Phoenix makes the process move efficiently and with ease.

Common question: How much to tip professional packers?
Everyone goes out to eat from time to time, but not everyone moves. If you were to go out and have a drink or a nice meal, you’re more than likely going to tip your server anywhere from 15% to 20% depending on their level of service. This is standard among the industry. But are you unsure how much to tip professional packers? This can be challenging. It’s important to note that tipping is not expected in the moving industry and that the movers are more than grateful to simply be offered a snack and a glass of water.

Still, it’s understandable that the level of work may meet or exceed your expectations and you want to reward them for their hard work. If that’s the case, the amount you choose to tip is subjective and based on your own evaluation. For example, if you have 2 packers coming to help you, then it’s not unreasonable to pay them $25 each or more. On the other hand, if you have a lot of items that need to be moved and your packers are working for several hours, then you may want to consider giving them a bonus based on the amount of time they’ve worked. At the end of the day, whatever you feel comfortable giving them is the best amount to tip. The All My Sons Moving & Storage movers offer their experience and expertise at no additional cost.


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