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Just a half an hour from Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona is known as a desert version of the Miami’s South Beach. This comparison is particularly apt at Christmas. The average temperature in Scottsdale on Xmas day is a balmy 65 degrees. That doesn’t dampen the Christmas spirit though.

While the weather outside is far from frightful, the holiday fun in Scottsdale is certainly delightful. All kinds of great holiday fun can be found in and around the Scottsdale area.

Scottsdale is ranked as the best city in America to raise kids. It couldn’t be more evident than at the Polar Express of Scottsdale, running from November 7th through January 3rd 2015. This wonderful recreation of the classic children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg features a train ride to the North Pole where the kids will get to meet with Santa himself.

What would Christmas be without a picture with Santa ? The kids can get a photo-op with Old St. Nick at Santa HQ in the Scottsdale Fashion Square. A variety of photo packages are available, and of course there’s great shopping for the adults.

Speaking of adults. Want to give one of the grown-ups on your Christmas list a memorable Xmas experience ? Look no further than one of the luxurious Spa packages at the Prado Restaurant at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia. The Omni features Play and Stay Golf packages, Spa packages, and a breathtaking view of Camelback mountain.

But there’s more to Scottsdale than Xmas. Scottsdale’s top 10 rankings for Best Run Cities in America, Safest Cities In America, Best Place to Raise Children and Google’s “eCity” award recognition have made it a magnet for young families. But Scottsdale was also ranked as the 5th best place to retire. There’s something for everyone year round in the Scottsdale. Move to Scottsdale and discover why it’s called “The West’s Most Western Town”.

Glendale Glitters (every December)

Started as one man’s vision, Glendale was carved from a desert wasteland into the thriving, beautiful community it is today. After digging a forty mile long canal that brought water to the area, he was deep in debt. After this, he further extended himself by building a road half that distance going to Peoria. Unfortunately, he was still struggling financially. After much hard work, he finally convinced seventy families to move to Glendale by declaring it alcohol-free, a measure that many local religious groups loved. A decade later at the turn of the 20th century, the growth of industry brought many more families from far and wide to his town. It only continued to grow from there.

Today, Glendale is a very modern city, with a fantastic stadium and arena, candy factory (featuring tours), and art center among other attractions. What makes Glendale unique among cities of its type is the fact that it celebrates a rich history that is still visible, with a multitude of historic buildings still standing. In larger cities, many of these treasures are destroyed to make room for new wonders, but Glendale manages to have both. Move to Glendale and you’ll find a wonderful city ready to take you in.

Phoenix has the highest rate of vacant office space of the 13 largest office markets in the United States. The current rate of vacancies is 21.9 percent, but that number is gradually shrinking. The vacancy rate at the peak of the recent recession was almost 25 percent, and this time last year it was still near 24 percent.

Many brokers have noticed an improvement in the office market. In the last year office spaces have began to fill, and people are optimistic about the return of businesses to the Phoenix area. Many quality locations are in high demand, and the blocks of property that people are taking up are being grabbed in large quantities. In fact, brokers say that large spaces in good locations are quickly becoming scarce in the Phoenix area.

One area in particular brokers are very optimistic about is East Valley. This area has experienced more job growth than any other sub-market, and brokers believe the vacant office space will begin to disappear.

The job market in Phoenix is gaining strength overall, and the office vacancy rate is slowly falling back to a reasonable level.

If you are looking to expand or move your company into new office space, your local Phoenix movers can help you get the job done. All My Sons can help get your company moved quickly, so you can get back to work as seamlessly as possible.



Your Phoenix area movers are preparing for a very high-temperature week as the forecast calls for above-one-hundred-degree days. We can all look forward to cooler temperatures near the end of the week as well as storms, but for now the thermostat is sitting comfortably at a rather uncomfortable 110 degrees! It is during extreme heat conditions such as these that your Phoenix local movers pay close attention to hydration as well as getting plenty of sleep to ensure our energy levels are still top notch. While your movers in Phoenix may be seasoned pros at prepping for summer heat, we still can’t wait for a much-welcomed cool-down this weekend!

Did you know that Phoenix is one of the most popular US destinations for people who are relocating? Phoenix boasts some of the most affordable housing in the country; both for renters and homeowners. Many industries in Phoenix are growing which means jobs are becoming increasingly available! Your Phoenix movers are among the many employers in Arizona who are hiring, and with the low cost of living, what other reason to you need to move to Phoenix?

Prescott, Arizona, located 100 miles north of Phoenix, was recently ranked number four in CNNMoney’s “25 best places to retire.” This famed city is most notable for encompassing the world’s oldest rodeo along with 800 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. However, this isn’t the sole reason why Prescott, Arizona has become one of the most popular retiree destinations. The weather is hard to out-do: Ample sunny days and four distinct seasons. Also, with the market down 35% since 2007, Prescott has become a more economical retirement haven. If you are a historical guru or a sucker for warm weather, your Phoenix professional movers recommend Prescott, Arizona for your retirement destination.

Your professional movers would like to encourage all drivers traveling to northern Arizona to be especially cautious on the road as extreme winter weather conditions are expected to hit the streets in the form of 12 to 24 inches of snow! Fortunately, for vacationers and professional relocation service providers in Arizona alike, the department of transportation has nearly two hundred snow plow teams sweeping the streets and highways to maintain safety for those who will be behind the wheel in the less-than-favorable winter weather. Snow and ice may cause many roads to close temporarily, so your Phoenix professional mover recommends leaving early providing plenty of time to arrive should your preferred route become closed off due to risky road conditions.

For many Phoenix home owners, the damage from last year’s hail storm is still a looming concern. If your roof was damaged from hail in 2010, you may have been discouraged from pursuing an insurance claim due to the seemingly-standard restriction insurance companies have on ‘untimely’ reports. Brian McSteen, owner of Phoenix-area All Roofs, Incorporated, strongly urges all who have an hail-related roof damage to speak of to follow up with their insurance company as the statute of limitation for hail damage is not necessarily restricted to a year like you may have been led to believe. Your Phoenix mover knows you’ll appreciate being relieved of your roof-repair responsibilities, so if this applies to you don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company today and determine your options!

Your Phoenix professional movers are about to be but a mere hour-and-a-half drive away from Prince Harry himself at the end of the week. That’s right, Prince Harry is moving to Arizona where he will put the year’s-worth of helicopter pilot training to good use. Exercise Crimson Eagle is the name of the training course his royalty will be enrolling in here in Arizona where he will sharpen his in-air machine-gunnery and missile launching. Sounds like a fun reason to move to Arizona!

Your Phoenix movers may handle hundreds of moves per month for hundreds of people, but we still manage to make each customer feel as if they’re our only one! Expect a customized experienced when you are in the hands of Phoenix movers who cater to your every moving need. Apart from the second-to-none attentiveness which you’ll receive from an experienced relocation consultant, you will also receive a specialized team of full-time talented movers who will quickly and safely provide the care and transportation your household items need for your transition to the new home.

Focused on complete customer satisfaction your Phoenix movers here are always looking for ways to improve your moving experience. Not only do we want you to have a relaxed stress-free moving experience for your upcoming move, we want to leave a lasting impression on you so that you’ll never have to dread moving again; we aim to make customers for life!