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Arizona is known for its sunny skies and perfect weather, but even Phoenix residents must warm their homes up in the winter months. Local Phoenix movers say this sunny state sometimes experiences December temperatures dipping into the low 40s. Do not let the holiday season bring an outstanding energy bill to your front door. Here is how you can save money on your energy bill while heating up your home:

1. Worn weather-stripping allows cold drafts into your home, causing homeowners to crank up their furnaces to stay comfortable. Replace worn weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows.

2. Use a portable heater in areas where people commonly gather, like the living room or the kitchen. This gives your furnace a much-needed break, and will save 3 percent on costs for every degree below 70 that you turn down your furnace.

3. Local Phoenix movers urge you to take advantage of the Phoenix sun! Despite the cold weather, the sun will still help to heat up your home for free. Keep your blinds open around your windows for extra heat. This will give your furnace a break during the day, cutting down on your energy bill.

4. Windows account for up to 25 percent of heat loss in homes. Simply covering your windows and glass doors with clear plastic film can save up to 14 percent on an energy bill. Local Phoenix movers share that the film comes off easy for the warmth of spring.

5. Install a programmable thermostat. Studies show programmable thermostats that automatically drop the temperature during times that you are not home can minimize your heating bill by at least 10 percent.

Holiday celebrations start in late November with Thanksgiving, kicking off a string of parties, traveling, giant feasts, and delicious sweets. Phoenix movers and packers at All My Sons know this is usually the most difficult time of year for people to maintain self-control with their diets. The limitless temptations of the holiday season make it difficult for even the strictest dieters to stay healthy during the holidays.

Follow these simple tips from your Phoenix movers and packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to stay in shape during the holidays.

1. Keep it moving. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. No matter how busy your schedule is, only a half hour a day of physical activity can help keep your body healthy and in shape throughout the season. Go for a walk, a hike, a jog, a bike ride, a swim, or shoot some hoops. Phoenix movers and packers also recommend getting your family involved. This is a fun and healthy way to spend time together. Even one big activity a week instead of a movie will balance out some of your holiday indulgences.


2. Sign up for a race. Phoenix hosts races in December, such as Angels on Patrol, AZ Santa Run, Santa Hustle Marathon, and the Gingerbread 5K. Anticipating a race will remind you to keep in shape and motivate yourself to exercise each day.


3. Treat yourself occasionally! Phoenix movers and packers know how tempting holiday treats can be. Treat yourself for your hard work and indulge, but only occasionally. Limiting your intake of sweets, drinks, and holiday meals will make them taste that much better once you do treat yourself. Everything in moderation will keep you on track!

December is here, which means the season of celebration! Your days and nights will be full of parties, feasts, music, dancing, gifts, and spending quality time with your loved ones. If you suddenly find yourself in the mood to throw an impromptu Christmas party, do not worry about costly decorations that take forever to put on display. Phoenix residential movers at All My Sons Moving Company know some simple tricks to help you decorate your house fast.

-Make your cabinets look like wrapped presents by vertically taping ribbon across the front, then adding a decorative bow to the middle.

-For easy staircase decoration, wrap a string of Christmas lights along the banister. You can also decorate various sized cardboard boxes with wrapping paper to look like presents, then tape each present along the outside of the staircase.

-Of all the easy Christmas decorations, this one is a favorite of Phoenix residential movers: make your refrigerator into a big snowman! Cut out black paper circles for the eyes, smile, and buttons. Cut an orange triangle for the nose. Use wrapping paper to create a scarf and a hat, and you are done!

-For a simple, yet elegant decoration, tie satin ribbon around the back of each table chair in a bow and tape a small flower garnish into the center.

-If you have chandelier lighting, tie Christmas ornaments to strings of different lengths to create quick and easy Christmas decorations for your party.

Phoenix residential movers even have easy Christmas decorations for your cactus: place a Santa hat on the crown, or place tiny ornaments to decorate the top of each arm.

Local Phoenix movers at All My Sons report a sharp increase of millennials in the city in recent years. Per the US Census Bureau, from 2005 to 2015, Arizona counties have seen an increase in millennials moving to large urban counties, now making up 27.2 percent of Arizona’s entire population. In just 10 years, local Phoenix movers share that Arizona’s millennial population has increased by 189,900.

Why are millennials loving Phoenix?

1. Affordable housing and inexpensive real estate taxes

2. If you do not mind a little heat, the weather is nearly perfect year-round

3. Phoenix offers countless outdoor exploration opportunities. Millennials are able to find something to do on any given day.

4. There is a laid back lifestyle. Phoenix offers lounges, dive bars, and outdoor festivals for those to enjoy a night out that feels different from the typical “club scene”.

5. Phoenix has jobs for millennials at major business such as Amazon, Intel, Yelp. And GoDaddy.

Local Phoenix movers know this city has a reputation for being more forward-thinking, embracing young people, and offering things that other areas do not have: professional teams in every sport, museums, nightlife, entertainment, and expanding businesses. Many millennials are making the move to more urban areas such as Phoenix because they feel a stronger sense of opportunity and community engagement. Rural areas are losing their young population to this shift, due to a lack of industry, economy, and local business opportunities. Overall, the young population has reported satisfaction with their decision to move to Phoenix. Local Phoenix movers report on a recent study stating that adults between the ages of 18-26 years old indicated that 83 percent are optimistic about their finances, which is 13 percent higher than the national average.

Preparing the year’s biggest feast for friends and family can require a lot of work. Not to worry, All My Sons Moving Company has a few Thanksgiving Hacks that can make your meal preparation simple and satisfactory.

1.Write out all of your recipes ahead of time so you are not scrambling to remember them the day of.

2. If you do not have a wire roasting rack for your turkey, crumple up multiple sheets of aluminum foil and coil them on the bottom of the pan.

3. Prep and cut all vegetables the day before, and store them in the fridge. This includes chopping onions, peeling potatoes, and washing greens.

4. Add baking powder to mashed potatoes for extra “fluff”. To save room for cooking other items, keep mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker. Set temperature on low and stir every hour.

5. If you forgot to buy a rolling pin for dough, a wine bottle is just as effective.

6. Use a muffin tin to make individual portions of stuffing. This helps make the stuffing crispier and easier to serve.

7. Potatoes are easier to peel after they have been boiling. Boil them for 15 minutes, let them cool for 10 minutes, and the skin should come right off.

8. Use a portable cooler for extra fridge space.

9. Keep your pie crust frozen up until you put it in the oven. This will maintain its shape the best.

10. Add a spoonful of soy sauce to gravy to bring out the most flavor.

All My Sons moving company suggest you keep these Thanksgiving hacks in mind so you can enjoy your holiday celebration!

Phoenix movers have the perfect spot for nature enthusiasts: The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. The garden was created in 1939 by passionate Phoenix locals who recognized the need to conserve the desert environment. Over the last 70 years, its mission has been to understand, protect, and preserve the desert’s natural beauty.

The core values of this living plant museum are stewardship, interdependence, authenticity, and accountability:

-Protection and preservation of desert plants, animals, and habitats.

-Promote the understanding that people, plants, and nature are all dependent upon each other for survival.

-To work ethically and responsibly within the community.

The garden aims to promote and spread knowledge around conservation of desert plants, especially in the southwestern United States, and to explain to visitors how abundant life survives and thrives in the harsh Arizona desert.

Today, The Desert Botanical Garden is 1 of 24 botanical gardens nationwide accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. It consists of 140 acres, with 55 of them under cultivation – with over 55,000 plants on display in their lush outdoor exhibits. There are 821 dedicated volunteers, 107 staff members, and over 633,000 attendees every year. This is a popular spot for children’s fieldtrips, as the garden has hosted over 32,000 students.

The Desert Botanical Garden is frequently updating their exhibits, hosting concerts, events, and educational talks. There are seasonal activities such as “Ask a Gardener” on weekends, a nighttime desert experience called “Garden Flashlight Tours”, and “Birds in the Garden”.

As a great spot for a romantic date, an educational afternoon, or a leisurely stroll through the flowers, Phoenix movers say this is a top recommendation for nature lovers to enjoy and appreciate Arizona’s abundant natural beauty.

Phoenix movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage report that new residents have arrived to Phoenix just in time for Election Day deals. On November 8, once you have received the coveted “I Voted” sticker, various locations in Arizona will help you celebrate your right to vote.

-Show off your “I Voted” sticker at any Firehouse Subs location for a free medium drink with your sub.

-Shake Shack in Uptown Plaza, Kireland Commons, and Scottsdale Fashion Square are offering a free scoop of custard to voters.

-Get pumped up for the election with free coffee from 7 Eleven, starting at midnight on Election Day. Download the 7 Eleven smartphone app, then use the coupon in the Scan and Save section.

-Rejoice in the closing of the election with a drink at Drexyl. Phoenix movers say if you wear your sticker proving your participation, you will receive the following drinks for only $1 – Mai Tai, margaritas, piña coladas, lemon drops, and red and white wine.

-Krispy Kreme locations in Chandler, Mesa, and Phoenix are offering free doughnuts to those who can show they voted.

-To encourage voting amongst parents of small children, the YMCA is offering free child care on Election Day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

-Can’t find a ride to the polls? Phoenix movers report two Arizona services are offering to help. Download the Discount Ride app and use the promotion RIDE2VOTE to receive a ride up to $10 to and from your polling location.

-ZipCar is also offering to help; from 6-10 p.m. on Election Day, Zipcar is waiving fees so people can get to the polls to cast their votes. No account necessary.

With just ten days to go before America makes history with its 2016 presidential election, candidate Donald Trump addressed Phoenix residents at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Residential Phoenix movers report candidate Trump stood in front of a packed house as the crowd cheered him on, stating “Restoring honesty to our government and the rule of law to our society will be a very high priority of my presidency.” He urged Phoenix voters to help him win the state of Arizona and win back the White House.

In his speech, he discussed his disdain for Obamacare, saying that the citizens of Arizona are experiencing a 116% increase in premiums that are not working. Residential Phoenix movers report that Obamacare rate hikes are worse in Phoenix than any other part of Arizona, along with skyrocketing deductibles. If he becomes president, Trump says his administration would immediately repeal and replace Obamacare, giving Arizona residents only one group to negotiate with. Trump also addressed and the hopelessness many Americans have expressed about the confidence in our government.

When discussing his opponent to Phoenix supporters, Trump highlighted the ongoing investigation into Clinton’s missing emails. “Her actions were willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful,” he stated. He accused Clinton of arranging a deal with Attorney General Loretta Lynch that took place in Arizona. Trump pledged to end government corruption.

Residential Phoenix movers know Arizona is traditionally a Republican state, which will come into play in the election on November 8, 2016.

All My Sons of Phoenix were concerned a few years ago when the city of Phoenix was struggling to find a way to control pests. The city couldn’t control an infestation of ground squirrels near 32nd Street and State Route 51. The pesky burrowing rodents destroyed a nearby earthen dam, forcing the residents of Phoenix to shell out $1.1 million to replace it.

No one had a clue how to control the rodents until Ed Checkley, an environmental quality specialist for the city, found a solution; Mother Nature to Fight Mother Nature, which is something that both residents and Phoenix movers were thrilled to initiate.

Approximately two years ago, Phoenix erected “raptor poles” as a part of a pilot program to help get rid of and a way to control pests that were damaging levees and dams. The ideology was to use birds of prey like red-tailed hawks, barn owls, and kestrels for pest removal in flood control areas, rather than using environmentally-harmful poisons.

The concept is simple really. Perch poles create a vantage point where the birds can scout for their prey. As more and more raptors come to feed, the rodents scatter for two reasons. First, they are eaten, and second, the screeching birds drive squirrels, rats, rabbits, and other species away.

This way to control pests is much safer than using rodenticides, especially new neighborhoods. Poison can end up in the water supply and can be carried into the food chain. Checkley said the city stopped using poison as a way to control pests in 2008, in part because changes in environmental regulations required the posting of poison-hazard signs, which would have frightened residents and potentially lose business for local Phoenix movers.

The Phoenix residential movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage realize that many residents don’t notice raptor birds living among them and the winged predators are rebounding as they migrate back into the urban areas where development once drove them out. The program can also save the city money; each perch pole only costs about $3,500 which is pretty insignificant in comparison to the $1.1 million spent to rebuild the flood control areas.

All My Sons residential movers and residents who are working tirelessly to upgrade the Phoenix community and city parks. While they have made great progress to create a beautiful space where they can create art and play music, they still find some things missing from the greater picture. Phoenix residents’ first task was to clean up the park and the alleyways, and the next is to beautify the parks by creating murals and other art installments.

With this plan in hand, Phoenix residents were ready to move forward, but they were missing one key necessity; funding. Finally, the money came in in the form of a grant from the Love Your Block Phoenix mini-grant, which provided residents with $1,000 to five different Phoenix communities, each year in order to beautify their city, one block at a time.

Projects included alley cleanups, painting murals, building butterfly gardens, installing storefront planter boxes, and free libraries. On top of providing money for revitalization projects for Phoenix communities, the grant also connected residents to the community in ways it wasn’t connected before.

Phoenix residents are focusing their efforts on low-to-moderate income areas. The communities plan to hold more cleanups and add a mural along the alleyways that lead up to the parks. They are well on their way to becoming a group of people who want to do something to make the environment they live in better, which is just a small part of why Phoenix is becoming such an attractive city to move to.

If you are moving to Phoenix and you would like to join in the effort to beautify your neighborhood, All My Sons is happy to announce that the program is accepting applications online now.